Emergency Alert System

We have developed a complete Hardware + Software solution which acts as an emergency alert system for buildings such as schools, colleges, & shopping malls.

It comprises of two main units:

  • Panic Switches: which are installed at key places in the building like BMS room
  • Alert Unit: which comprises of a display & a siren can which can be installed at the place of local authorities (like Police Station & Fire Control Room), whenever a panic switch is pressed it will trigger the alert unit which will raise siren along with a message on the display that from which place the panic switch has been triggered, so that authorities can take action as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us ?

We are Increasing Business Success With Technology

We are dedicated to provide digital solutions using latest technologies to our clients at lowest possible cost. We have seen that the companies which provide technical solutions chargers very high, due to which large number of small & medium scale businesses are not able to use the digital space. We decided to change that & our main motive is to make technology accessible for small & medium scale business. 

We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction program has created a company culture where each of our associate delivers world class services every day.